Thursday, January 12, 2006

4 Minute Survey

An unidentified caller asked me to take a four minute survey tonight about politics. I said that four minute would be ok and let her proceed.

She asked me if I was familiar with a list of names and did I have a favorable or unfavorable impression of each.

The list as I recall:

Tom Delay
Doolittle (I never remember his first name)
George Bush
Abramov (whatever his first name is)
other names were later identified as the Mayor of Auburn and an Army General but I did not know them and had no opinion.
I gave everybody including Arnold a favorable with the exception of Abramov and the two I did not know.
She then gave me the negatives about Doolittle and his connection to Abramov and a positive spin saying Doolittle was white as the driven snow and asked me who I would vote for.
So far all I hear are allegations and I refuse to condemn until the facts are clear so I bit my tongue and said Doolittle.

I am trying to figure out who is asking. My suspicions are with the Mayor of Auburn but I wonder who is giving him money. Maybe it is the Democrats hoping to damage Doolittle in the primary. I will bet the RC has the answer.

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