Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ahead of the Curve

From LA to El Dorado likes to think of itself as ahead of the curve and sometimes the facts actually support this thesis. Today the LAT discovers the Bruin Alumni Organization and its website which I discussed on Wednesday last week.
UCLA's response in the article is measured but stern.
UCLA administrators say they are planning no immediate legal action, other than to notify Jones and to alert students that selling course materials without the consent of the instructor and Chancellor Albert Carnesale violates university policy. Patricia Jasper, a university lawyer, said UCLA would reserve the right to take legal action if any students engaged in unauthorized selling of materials.

To which Instapundit retorts:
On the intellectual property question I'm not sure, though it strikes me as absurd to claim that taping classes is illegal. Students do it all the time, and if UCLA enforces that rule only with regard to critics, I doubt it will stand up. Plus it's just lame.

Peter McLaren, identified as the Number One Professor from the Dirty Thirty called the group's tactics "beneath contempt".

I think they are pretty good myself.

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