Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

Usually mass mailings get trashed rather than reviewed but this one got my attention. The envelope shows an elephant and It's My Party Too in the upper left corner.

The letter is from Christine Todd Whitman saying that too many Republicans want to narrow the tent and have the temerity to break the Reagan commandment not to speak ill of any Republican. The only issue she mentions is embryonic stem cell research so that is the only clue about her effort here. She is asking for contributions to a PAC (IMP-PAC) to "take our Party back from the influence of single-minded extremists who seem to care more about excluding people than furthering a commonsense Republican agenda."
From their website, this statement of their platform:

It's My Party Too PAC or IMP-PAC is a political action committee dedicated to supporting fiscally conservative, socially progressive Republican candidates at all levels of government. Additionally, we will work to advance the issues that help define moderate members of the Republican Party.

I know there is a problem with the Republican Party but never in my wildest imaginings did I think that party members are too mean to Republicans who don't support the Republican agenda. Look at the party funds being spent to fend off a challenger to Lincoln Chaffee. The only mean words for that RINO come from frustrated bloggers, not the party which seems happy to welcome anyone who wants to call themself Republican, no matter what they actually support.

I suspect that I am one of the far-right extremists which Christy acuses of "violating traditional Republican principles but are also holding the party back from acheiving a true and viable majority" despite not being a born-again Christian. I am certainly not socially progressive as I understand it.

I frankly am troubled that Christy is troubled. I have always viewed her as an old school, nobless oblege, rich Republican. I never saw her as a viable candidate for national office or as a fiscal conservative. If she sees herself as one, I am happy to have her in the party particularly since we currently have so few practicing fiscal conservatives. And if she wants to support progressive (liberal) programs, I will live with it. But where does she stand on defense?. She is completely silent which makes me suspicious.

My bottom line conclusion is that she believes that by attacking the (religious) far-right extremists, she will find a groundswell of support from a silent majority of non-religious, fiscally responsible and socially progressive folks that will carry her off to new glory. I think the response to her PAC will prove that I have her pegged.
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