Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dangerously Overeducated.

My 21 year old gave me a shirt with 'Dangerously Overeducated' on the front for Christmas. Whether I am guilty or not remains under discussion but I do have three degrees from three universities. The last was from UCLA giving me a football team to follow and, up to this point, no noticable academic embarrassment. Now I discover, a hitherto unknown alumni group with an agenda to expose UCLA's most radical professors.

Welcome to, a project of the Bruin Alumni Association. As our motto attests, is a long-term project dedicated to exposing UCLA’s most radical professors. The extensively researched profiles you will find here are proof of an increasingly radical faculty. As a large number of the profiles also demonstrate, these professors are actively proselytizing their extreme views in the classroom, whether or not the commentary is relevant to the class topic.

The radical of the week is Philosophy Professor Douglas Kellner who had this to say about the Bush administration: a response to the September 11 terror attacks, the Bush administration has answered with an intensified militarism that threatens to generate an era of Terror War, a new arms race, accelerated military violence, U.S. support of authoritarian regimes, an assault on human rights, constant threats to democracy, and destabilizing of the world economy. The Bush regime also provides political favors to its largest corporate and other supporters, unleashing unrestrained Wild West capitalism, exemplified in the Enron scandals, and a form of capitalist cronyism whereby Bush administration family and friends are provided with government favors, while social welfare programs, environmental legislation, and protection of rights and freedoms are curtailed.

Read the whole story here.

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