Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DINO Democrats in Name Only

We conservatives apparently lead a sheltered life with our comfortable environment of talk radio, Fox news and conservative bloggers like my Western Alliance comrades. Venture out to some of the communities beyond my comfort zone and you can learn amazing things. I know that Republicans have a big problem with elected officials who either don't believe in the party platform and the President or do believe that their constituents put them there to pander and porkbarrel to whatever passes as convential wisdom in MSM. The common name for these politicians is RINO - Republican in Name Only. Now, I find there is a Democrat equivalent.

In my web explorations today, I discovered that there are Democrats who have the same problem with their elected officials. They don't appear to have a term for them so I have taken the liberty of calling them DINO's (Democrats in Name only).

Who are these DINO's? Here is what I learned:

But then there are the lying republicrat faux Democrats, like Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein.

I might have guessed Lieberman , but Clinton and Feinstein surprised me. And it tells you something about these people that the name they call DINO's is faux Democrats. Imagine a Republican even knowing what 'faux' means.

If you want to get into the head of this group of Democrats, go here.

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