Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sweden moves into the cold.

Progressive Sweden has committed to closing all it's nuclear power plants and replacing them with power from renewable sources. How's it going?

The process has slowly started, and last year the nuclear power plant of Barseb├Ąck was closed at the cost of 18.5 billion Swedish krona (€1.92 billion) according to parliamentary report. A very high cost in order to not produce energy.

Mona Sahlin, minister for sustainable development, is still keeping the Swedes in the dark about what is to actually replace nuclear energy. The slow pace in abolishing nuclear power is due to the fact that the social democratic government is well aware that oil and nuclear power provide about 80% of Swedish energy. But international press releases cost less.

The Finns next door regard nuclear power as clean and environmentally friendly and are building new plants with transmission lines to Sweden. Read the rest at The Brussells Journal.

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