Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yale Calling

Tonight, I got a call from Yale. The caller noted that I have given money to the University before and asked if I would give again.

Wrong question. I told him that I would not be giving any money to Yale while there was a Taliban spokesman studying at Yale. The caller (I am guessing him to be a student) seemed ignorant of any knowledge about this and asked how I knew about the Yale Taliban. I told him the web, and some newspapers, compeletely forgetting the TV coverage on Fox. I called this Taliban an enemy of our country and the caller asked how I know this. I told him that he was an official of the Taliban who harbored Osam Bin Ladin before the World Trade Towers were taken out and that, to my knowledge he had not expressed any regret about his or the Taliban's actions.
My impression is that the caller was taken completely out of his comfort zone by my response. They are good at the "I know that $1,000 is a lot of money but how about $500" response. I don't think they had prepared him for the Taliban defense. After I answered his questions, he just said thank you and goodbye.

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