Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is the Difference?

Today, everybody is talking about a Colorado High School teacher who taught geography by telling students that the United States is the worst country in the world and that Bush is the same as Hitler. One student questioned this practice and recorded a class for his father to hear. It has been all over the radio, TV and blogosphere today and nobody thinks the student was wrong to record the class.

Last month, however, when a group of UCLA alumni offered to pay students to record classes by extremist professors to show that they were indoctriating rather than educating, everybody jumped all over the alums, saying that they were politically motivated, immoral and vindictive.

What is the difference? In both cases, taxpayers are providing the salaries for these teachers and in both cases the recording was secret yet the kid is praised and the alum vilified. I thought the UCLA effort was a good one then and I still think so now.

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