Sunday, March 19, 2006

This should cheer you up. It does me.

I have been down recently with all the White House misteps, Senate backpeddling and House inaction. I have not been able to find any good news or reason for optomism that the real problems like social security, illigal immigration and dedication to the war are faced squarely. At times like this, the only help is down in the fever swamp.

Here I find that there are people even more hopeless than me.
No, I don't have much to say anymore about this nightmare. I will continue to weep, to fear, to hope, to speak, to write my books in an attempt to teach children a better perspective, to walk in the sun, and the wind; to try and enjoy the parts of life that seem beyond the reach of the criminals in power today. But the truth is, these things are not out of their reach. They can blot out the sun, they can taint the waters, they can poison the food, they can kidnap you in the middle of the night and kill you, answer to nobody. In fact, all these things are Under Construction. And it is not just the foremen, but all of us who are holding hammers, waving rulers, and wearing nail aprons.

Share his pain.

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